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4 Oven Resolutions for Improved Performance and Longevity

With the new year coming up, it’s the perfect time to give your home a fresh start, including taking a closer look at your appliances. In particular, your kitchen is likely the heart of your home, and a reliable oven is a key aspect of a functioning kitchen. To ensure your kitchen runs smoothly year after year, here are some new year’s resolutions to help prolong the life of your oven.

1. Clean Inside Oven

Most oven manufacturers recommend deep-cleaning your oven at least twice a year. If your oven has a self-cleaning mode, you can simply turn on this handy feature, which will use intense heat to break down and eliminate residue. If your oven lacks a self-cleaning mode, you can manually clean it with products designed for cleaning ovens or a mild vinegar solution. For best results, consult your oven’s manual to determine what the manufacturer recommends.

2. Clean Behind and Under Oven

Dust, food crumbs, and general debris can accumulate under and behind your oven over time. Not only does it create a fire hazard, it can also attract pests or encourage the growth of mold. When enough debris accumulates, it can also hinder air flow and impact your oven’s performance. Along with cleaning inside your oven, it’s important to clean the floor underneath and the wall behind it. You can accomplish this by unplugging your stove, unscrewing anti-tip brackets if applicable, and sliding it out to gain access to these areas. Use a vacuum or a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dirt and food particles, and make sure the areas have dried completely before putting the oven back.

3. Check Gas Line

If you have a gas oven, the state of your gas line is incredibly important for the operation of your oven and your family’s overall safety. Regularly inspect the gas line for any signs of wear, damage, or leaks. If you notice a strange, rotten egg-like smell, turn off the gas supply immediately, ventilate the area, and contact a professional technician for assistance.

4. Clean Range Hood Filter

The range hood above your oven maintains air quality in your kitchen by removing smoke, odors, and airborne grease molecules during cooking. As part of your at-home oven maintenance, take a moment to clean the range hood filters. These filters can become clogged with grease until they are unable to filter effectively. At least once a year, remove the filters by popping them out or unscrewing them by hand. Then, you can either wash them in warm, soapy water or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.

Call the Professionals

Regular care and maintenance of your oven keeps it operational, but it also allows you to spot needed repairs. For friendly and knowledgeable appliance repair in Palm Bay, FL, reach out to the oven experts at CAM Appliance Repair.

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