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Tips to Ensure Your Washer and Dryer’s Efficiency and Smoothness This Winter

Maintaining the appliances in your home should always remain a top priority, especially during the winter months. If you have a washer and dryer in your home and you want to ensure they run smoothly, efficiently, and properly at all times, there are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind as a homeowner.

Tips to Keep Your Washer Running This Winter

Maintaining your home’s washer during the winter can prevent major leaks and help ensure your washer’s energy efficiency, which can reduce electricity bills. A few washer maintenance tips to remember this winter as a homeowner include:

  • Inspect pipes: If any exposed pipes are not located in a heated room or area of your home, inspect them as the weather begins to change. Taking the time to insulate exposed pipes can also mitigate potential issues involving frozen pipes during the winter.
  • Inspect washing machine connectors and hoses: Be sure to verify the connections to your washer year-round. Inspect hoses for cracks, bent areas, or signs of wear and tear that may require a repair job or a complete replacement.
  • Use cold water: During the winter, opt to use cold water anytime you are washing a load of laundry. Cold water requires a smaller energy draw, conserving energy, saving money, and reducing wear and tear on the machine itself.

Tips to Keep Your Dryer Running Properly This Winter

If you own a dryer along with a washer in your home, there are additional tips to remember that are different from maintaining a washing machine, such as:

  • Clean the lint filter regularly: Anyone who owns a residential or commercial dryer should understand the importance of cleaning and changing the lint filter with each load of laundry you complete. Removing lint buildup from the filter will reduce clogs and the potential risk of starting a fire in the home. A clean lint filter will also reduce the risk of potential clogs in the machine itself.
  • Inspect the ventilation configuration: Check any vents and ducts included with the dryer’s system in your home during the winter to ensure it is clear from dirt, debris, and dust. Remove any exterior blockages, such as snow and ice, to ensure your dryer’s ventilation remains the same, even during the coldest months of the year.

Whether your washer will not drain properly or if your dryer is simply not getting hot any longer, proper inspections and repairs may be necessary. If you’re currently living in or around Palm Bay, FL and need washer and dryer service, turn to CAM Appliance Repair for the inspections, maintenance, and repair solutions you need.

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