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How to Help Your Dishwasher Last

Your dishwasher works hard to leave your dishes sparkling clean and sanitary. Dishwashers have become quite sophisticated, with all kinds of cycles and settings. Some make almost no noise as they work. Yet they still need your care. Read on for more information.

Rinse the Dishwater’s Filter

Though new dishwashers come with filters that are supposed to clean themselves, it’s a good idea to take the filter out and clean it regularly. The manufacturer’s instructions tell you how to do this correctly.

Skip the Hottest Cycle

There’s no need to wash your dishes on your dishwasher’s hottest cycle. It wastes energy and therefore money. Very hot water can also damage some types of tableware. A good temperature for washing dishes is about 126 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean the Door and the Gaskets

Make sure to keep the door and its gaskets or seals cleaned. Usually, all the door and gasket need is a wipe down with a cleaning cloth dampened in lukewarm water with a drop of dishwashing detergent.

Clean Your Dishwasher’s Spray Arm

It’s also a good idea to regularly wipe down the appliance’s spray arm with a damp cloth. Some experts recommend using a toothpick about twice a year to effectively clean out debris.

Clean the Appliance Monthly

Scheduling a monthly cleaning keeps your dishwasher in top shape. It also saves you the aggravation of wondering when was the last time you cleaned your appliance.

Run a Maintenance Cycle

It’s wise to run a maintenance cycle every few months. This means leaving the dishwasher empty but running it on the hot water cycle with dishwashing detergent. This helps to clear out the limescale that can shorten your machine’s working life.

Feel Good About Using Your Dishwasher

Some people are surprised to learn that using a dishwasher is more efficient than hand washing. Using your dishwasher regularly saves you water and money.

Load the Dishwasher the Right Way

Though it may be more efficient than hand washing, the dishwasher only cleans items its spray can reach. Because of this, it’s important to load it properly. Place heavily soiled things like pots and pans on the lower rack. More delicate items such as glassware should go on the upper rack. If your dishwasher lacks a cutlery shelf, place some items upside down and some right side up. This keeps them from nesting together, which might prevent some pieces of cutlery from getting as clean as they should. All items in your dishwasher should be separate.

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Your dishwasher saves you hours of work every week. Return the favor by giving it all the tender loving care it deserves, starting with the tips above.

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